It’s easy

It’s easy to be in awe of people who win Olympic Gold. It’s difficult to practice day and night for one single goal. It’s easy to call people lucky who scale heights in their professional life. It’s difficult to spend countless nights being awake and completing those projects. It’s easy to criticize a leader. It’s difficult to stay on course when no one believes in your mission. It’s easy to enjoy the benefits of a new invention. It’s difficult to commit an entire life to create something which is unknown.


Difficult to choose a way

The struggle exists only till we don’t know what we want. When we are doubtful about our goals, there is lack of sharpness in our action. When our vision is not clear, our conviction falters. When our aspirations change every now and then, it becomes difficult to choose a way. The problem is not that we can’t achieve what we want. The challenge is to fix what we desire. Once we know what we are looking for, we have already covered half the distance.

We live in a competitive world

We are obsessed with our innovation, expertise, skills and knowledge. We live in a competitive world and so we want to keep it a closely guarded secret. We want to monetise it to the maximum. There is nothing wrong with it. However, at some point of time we need to let go of our control and share our expertise with the world more freely. If God has choosen us to have special skills, we must pass it on to others before we pass this world. The ultimate objective must be to leave this world a better place than we inherited. It’s not a matter a choice. It’s an obligation to our forefathers who gave us a better place to live than they inherited and we need to carry on the tradition.

Time is money

Finally. I have made the discovery. The reason for stress is time. I do everything by the watch. Eating, working, sleeping; everything runs by the clock. Because there is a clock, there is no time. Even if I ignore it, others remind me of it’s existence and dependability. Everything is measured in time. They say time is money. They say to be on time shows character. All this puts me more under pressure to use it well. The more I use it, the less I live. Before I could enjoy my freedom, I became a slave of time.

Shines the brightest after the dark night

Nobody likes to fall but there is a silver-lining when we hit the lowest point. We can’t fall any further. When we are at the bottom, the next thing that can happen is that we rise from there. Yes, it is difficult to remain motivated when it seems that everything is lost. It is challenging to have faith that things will improve when nothing seems to be going our way. Still, we must know that dark clouds do not exist for ever and the sun shines the brightest after the dark night.

A simple way to live a great life

A simple way to live a great life is to make good choices as and when we have to. This way we won’t require to plan anything for tomorrow and make strategies for distant future. We make several choices every day. The easiest way to cruise well is to make a good choice everytime we come across a decision. Offering a seat to an elderly person in a train, replacing two cubes of sugar with one in your evening tea, saying sorry instantly rather than sticking to ego are good examples. These choices might seem small at the time we make them but will compound very quickly. A great life starts with a good choice.

Feed our mind

There are just two things we need to learn and do. Feed our mind with good stuff and keep our body fit. That’s all. We need not worry about other things like success, society, recognition, future, etc. Everything will fall in place. If for some reason we think something is missing, a good mind and health will get us through. If we are able to attain wisdom everything else will seem unworthy of attention. If we are able to maintain good health, we will be able to enjoy the fruits of wisdom longer.