I can’t believe it. Recently, while introspecting; a disturbing thought struck me hard. It came upon me that I am becoming a slave of time. And I hate to admit this. No matter how hard I tried to throw this thought away, it remained. May be because, this was the truth. I realized there is so much to do and there is so little time. Looking back, I found I do prioritize well but then again, things that get prioritized are not something I am proud of.

My days and weeks and months are planned. I thought this is a good thing to do. My friends and people around appreciate the way I control things and manage my time. Yet, there is something very discomforting about all this. It seems I am getting a bit mechanical. For many years, I was working towards getting freedom of time and finally, when it seemed to work I realized I went the wrong way. I got obsessed with time.

In my quest to be free I ended up being a slave. I realized I have chained myself to time. My routine is good but then I get disturbed in my mind if things don’t work out on time the way I want them to. May be, I am having an over achievement syndrome; to get more done in less time. May be, I wanted every moment to be productive in some way. Essentially, rather than being free I gave control in the hands of time.

Well, the more it hurts to feel this way the more stronger my resolve becomes to overcome this. I don’t have the solution now but I know the problem. I will figure it out soon.


Be dependable

Someone is believing in you. Someone is depending on you. Be the support; so that the other person can stay strong and change the world. When you give a subtle sign that you stand for the person, it motivates them to walk ahead. When you assure that you are the backup, it motivates them to push ahead. Sometimes, all someone needs is that you will stay with them no matter what. Be dependable.

Find the right friend

Are you suffering from friendship bias? Do you agree and support them just because you are friends with them? It’s time to review your stand. Friendship is the next best thing after love. However, it’s important to have the right friends who not only can give good company to you but make you learn and grow in life. And you need to do the same. It may not be a good idea to support them when they are wrong. Infact, they may actually look upon you to challenge them. Have courage and take the right side.

Begin afresh

He was a champion. He was on verge of winning again. The final whistle was about to be blown. He just needed to stay on. Yet, a lightening thought struck his mind and he quit. He lost. The audience was aghast. Everyone thought; why? He preferred not to give an explanation. Though, in his mind he knew. Winning was an addiction which provoked him to play again. It was becoming a burden to manage the world’s expectations. He didn’t want to carry on. He wanted to pursue something else. Quitting was the only way to begin afresh.

Hope is powerful

Hope is powerful. It works like magic. You must never lose hope. When nothing seem to work, stick on to hope. It can get you through. When the road ahead seems closed, give it one more try; the try of hope with an extra effort. You will find a turn just before the end. It’s the ultimate medicine. It’s the ultimate prayer. It’s the ultimate effort.

Are you looking for success?

If you are looking for success, there are several ways to get it. However, if you are looking for satisfaction along with success, there is only one way. Pursue your passion and do it your way. When you engage in what excites you, it may so happen that it doesn’t yield financial rewards but you still will feel satisfied. So, the choice is yours. You want success or you want satisfaction with a shot a success too.

Are you feeling disturbed?

Are you feeling disturbed? Don’t worry about it. It shall pass. Our mind is fickle and that’s a good thing. No matter how hard you try your thoughts won’t stay. With time they will change. May be in the next moment. May be tomorrow. Don’t try too hard. Let it happen on its own. Time is never still. Good or bad, it will give way to the other. The only thing in your control is to accept it and be calm in either case.