All events won’t be positive in life

All events won’t be positive in life. Some things are bound to upset us. Certain things will be life altering too. Still, we must look for positives. In the middle of disappointments, we forget the good things in life. We assume we deserve only the good things. Well, the smiles are worth nothing if we haven’t experienced the tears. Even if life is the average of good and bad things, our attitude can make the good things weigh more. Even if you are locked inside a dark room, you have a choice to view the sunshine from the hole in the door.


I changed my perspective

Each time I tried to change my personality, I failed miserably. I attempted to be like them but realised my core is completely different. I fell short when I compared my skills with them but then it was a different sport. Years went by. It seemed like my life was not worth it. I turned around from the lowest point. I changed my perspective. I started looking at myself as unique. I changed my perspective. I started respecting my existence. Suddenly, things started to change. I became proud of myself.

Time is the best solution to most problems

If you want to learn or master something, do it daily. If you want to mend a relationship, spend time with the person and you will win hearts again. If Rubik’s cube intrigue you, spend time to learn the trick and you will soon master it. If you want to crack competitive exams, spend time in studying and you will pass it easily. If you want to play an instrument, spend time practicing and you can earn a living out of it. If you want to know life, spend time with self and you will find the answers soon. Time is the best solution to most problems.

Never stop looking for more problems

Create things which gives you satisfaction irrespective of success and failure. Spend time on innovating things which you think can transform lives. Give your soul when you design something new. Don’t start with the perspective to become famous or mint money. The underlying principle of your creation should be to provide a solution to an unresolved problem. Sometimes, you will find no takers of your solution even after spending years on it. Still, you will feel satisfied because you enjoyed working on it. Similarly, never stop looking for more problems to solve even if you have loads of success before. Keep going.

It’s a gradual process

It’s a gradual process. It happens with everyone. When we are young, all we want is play, have fun and take life easy. Then we get a little serious about work and family. Finally, as we inch closer to our time on earth, we seek to redeem our lives by doing something meaningful for the world. We look for ways by which we can leave a legacy. The only thing that will matter to you in the end is whether you lived a good life or not and whether you played your part well or not. If you haven’t reached this part of life yet, it will soon come. Prepare for it. Prepone it.

There is no going back now

I worked hard to get to the corner office. I cut sleep to add a few stars on my shoulders. I made friends so that I can sit in the front rows. I entertained the elites to get a favor when needed. It is all working now and I am enjoying the fruits. I am cruising fast on the freeway. It’s the result of all my hard work and doing the right things. I am getting the accolades from everyone. Yet, something is missing. I left the turn I wanted to take long back. There is no going back now. I better forget what I needed in life because I went after what the world wanted from me.

I aspire to pass the test

I know it will not matter in the end. Still, I am running to prove myself. It is important because if I don’t, I will be labelled as a failure and I don’t want to live with that. If I pass the test of success, I will stand tall in my own eyes. Once I cross the finish line, the world will know my worth and I will be respected ever after. It may take an entire life. I am not sure if it is all worth it but that’s the norm of the society I live in. I thought I am different and I even speak against it. Yet, silently, I aspire to pass the test.