I am stuck at my own ideas

The biggest handicap of learning is my existing bias which I have developed over time. I genuinely want to learn but my pre conceived notions come in between. My self proclaimed intelligence finds a flaw in everything. I attend meetings to get new ideas but end up objecting them and sharing my own wisdom. I am losing my sharpness because I am stuck at my own ideas. I have a few followers who believe I am still the best and I guess that’s what is doing the damage. It’s difficult to get out of this mess. I really want to.


Believe in yourself

It’s all in the mindset. If you think you are weak, you will feel like looking for help and support from people. Contrary to this, if you believe you are strong, you will have the power to help others and become their strength. Circumstances don’t make us weak. Our thoughts do. We are strong but negative thoughts make us fragile. Your perception about yourself builds up over time and you start believing it. Why not have a positive perception. Why not consider yourself capable. Why not become a giver.

Results never come in a day

Results never come in a day. If you feel the outcome of your effort is not coming as desired, give it some more time. May be your rewards are being compounded. Keep doing your good work. Have faith. There will be a moment when luck and hard work will find a perfect sync. Wait for that moment to arrive. Till then efforts must not stop, else the whole process would reverse. Every small step you take forward becomes a giant leap over time. Keep going.

Book Review by Brijesh Dalmia


Book Name:Skin in the Game

Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Pages: 304
My recommendation: 8/ 10

Date read: 20th May’18

Brief review: Another masterpiece by Taleb. This is the 4th book of Taleb that I have read. A little different than the previous ones. Taleb says ‘your actions and advise makes no sense unless you too have skin in the game’. In today’s world, most bureaucrats, politicians, financial advisors, nobel prize winners and many other so called intellectuals take decisions and advise people without being negatively affected by the outcome of their actions. You need time and patience to read and understand Taleb. Could be heavy for first time readers but a brilliant read for regulars.

Some people laugh at my choices

Some people laugh at my choices. Some are amused. Some think I am crazy. Some believe I am a loser. Some are trying to see beyond. I don’t understand why people are taking so much interest in me even though I don’t even care about them. If my life and choices don’t make sense to them, why are they even bothered. I am not giving any exams and yet they are hell bent upon judging me. I am not looking for their approval and yet they take pride in criticizing me. When I sought their attention, they despised me. Now when they have become irrelevant in my life, they are following my every action.

I want to speak my heart

I want to speak my heart but my mind comes in between. The heart is willing to reveal but the mind always conceals. It’s a constant fight. I am on my heart’s side but till now my mind has an edge. The heart is fragile and so the mind dominates. It takes advantage of the situation and keep the heart under control. I don’t understand whether I am a free man or a slave. May be I don’t have courage to accept who I really am. The only hope is that I am now aware of this and slowly but surely I am trying to muster courage to come out in the open and reveal my real self. The day is near.

Life consists of years

Life consists of years. Years are made of months. Weeks make months and days make weeks. And so, the simple formula to live a great life is to live daily. It will automatically become weeks, months and years and when it’s time to go we would have lived a complete life. Still, we spend a lot of time today hoping we will live a great life tomorrow. You will find so called successful people living in stress and you can also see people having just enough to pass by, living life fully. It doesn’t require intellect and wealth. It requires freedom and a different state of mind.