It’s getting dark but the sun will shine again tomorrow. I could not reach the finish line today but tomorrow will be another race. They don’t know me today but tomorrow will be my day. My prayer was not answered today but I shall pray again tomorrow. I am tired today but I will be ready to roar again tomorrow.

Keep it light

Keep it light. No matter how tough your situation is; add a bit of humor in life. It will make things easy. Your laugh can also bring a cheer on someone else’s face. It’s worth it. It is easy to cry and difficult to laugh and the best way is to find a reason to laugh at yourself. A little humor can change your mood and thereby change your perspective of life.

What is good business?

What is good business? Smartness or total transparency? Anyone can put forward a case for smart business negotiation and dealings. Margins and profits are important. However, those who work with transparency, operate at a different level. Smartness doesn’t mean lack of transparency but still there is a fine line between the two. Smartness pays in the short term. Transparency pays in the long term.

Become a shock absorber

Become a shock absorber. Let people share their pain and concerns with you. Rather than being reactive, empathise with them. Just by lending your ears and speaking a few comforting words you can make a positive impact on them. Most people can solve their own problems. They just need someone with whom they can share their moments of agony, pain, failures and challenges. Be that person. You don’t need to help them. Just be with them.

Focus on every bit

Success is never a eureka moment. It comes bit by bit. It takes years of hard work. You don’t win games in the last shot. The first one was equally important. The house is built not by the last brick. All the previous ones were equally important. What you do today will result in what you achieve tomorrow. Do it well. Success is incremental. It shapes up bit by bit. Focus on every bit.

Change yourself

They will appreciate you. Not because they mean it but because they are simply returning the favor back to you. It’s a game in progress; I talk good about and you talk good about me. That way the ego of both is satisfied. Stay away from this game. You probably need more practice and more hard work. Real appreciation can encourage someone to change the world. A fake one won’t even allow you to change yourself.

Want to live a simple life

I don’t want to prove anything to the world. I am sick and tired of it. Each time I do something they ask me ‘what next?’ They look for my achievements before they could consider me worthy of their attention. I don’t want their attention anymore. I just want to live a simple life oblivion to everyone. I want no one to know me. I want to roam free of this unsaid pressure of performance. I am done.