Wake up on your own

Getting motivated from external source is good but the question is how long? At some point self motivation must take over. All successful people are self motivated. Also, the journey doesn’t stop being successful. Once you reach a level, it’s your responsibility to motivate others too till they become self motivated. There is a lot to do and time is running by. Wake up on your own, pull up your socks and make a difference.


Today is a gift

There will be a day which will be the last. Finish your job before that. Make sure you are on the most important agenda of your life now. Who knows how much time is left. Do what is close to your heart. Spend time with whom you feel connected. Cut the clutter out of life. Today is a gift. Tomorrow will be a bonus, if at all it comes.

Your dream is calling you

Your dream is calling you. Make sure when you wake up tomorrow, you leave your baggage behind. Make a vow tonight that you will start afresh tomorrow. Your current commitments will pull you back. Stay strong. What doesn’t push you towards your vision should be left behind. It will require a lot of courage. It’s a mind game. Your worry about the unseen future is going to be your playground tomorrow. Are you ready to play the game you are dying for?

Find meaning in life and happiness

The more you become obsessed with happiness, the more it will elude you. Rather, find meaning in life and happiness will follow you. When you are engrossed in your passion you don’t look for being happy. You already are. When you work on a bigger purpose in life, the journey itself becomes rewarding. Happiness is not the end result. It walks with you when you walk towards your goal.

Life gives us enough time and opportunity

Life gives us enough time and opportunity. However, many of us waste a lot of it by consuming ourselves in penny issues, criticism, and complains. Only if we can excuse ourselves from all this, we can save remarkable amount of time and energy. Channelizing that into more productive things and life goals, we can make our lives more fulfilling and become inspirational for others. It will then fully justify our existence on earth.

Keep your focus on a few big things

Keep your focus on a few big things. Everyday you will find an opportunity. Don’t take them all. It’s a trap and will derail you from your big goal. It takes time to develop an idea and convert the opportunity into success. If you shift focus every now and then, none of the opportunities will convert into gold. The key is to give a lot of time to a few things rather than a little time to a lot of things.

I am learning on my own

I am not looking for your approval. Don’t waste your time on me. Find someone else. Initially, I did value your advice but I noticed that you have suggestions for everyone else other than yourself. From that day, you approval has no significance for me. It was tough for me to find my own way. I limped. I fell. But now I am good. I am walking again. I am making mistakes but I am learning on my own.