Our own journey

In the midst of our own journey, we sometimes forget to take people together with us. Sometimes, we move ahead so fast that people close to us are unable to catch-up. It is difficult to conclude whether we being ahead should be applauded or we should stop because others are left behind. It’s not a question of right or wrong. What is required is a proper understanding of priorities. Mostly, priorities supersedes relationships and we fail to realise it early. Take a a step back. Reassess, whether your destination is ahead or you have already left it behind.


Keep loving

When you demand you seldom get. Even if you do, it misses the charm. It seems artificial. The true worth of anything is in waiting. That too without expecting. And then, when you see things happening your way and you get things out of the blue; it’s worth so much more. However, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes, the wait could be more than a lifetime. Still, keep doing the right things. Keep loving the one you do. Keep helping the strangers. Keep bringing the smiles on people’s face. One day, you will find; though you waited for your turn of surprises, your soul already reaped the rewards during this journey.

Book Review by Brijesh Dalmia



By: Robert M. Pirsig

Pages: 404


My recommendation: 7 / 10

Date read: 10th May’18

Brief review: Written in 1974, it’s work of subtle philosophy using motorcycle maintenance as the underlying theme. The author says we buy expensive motorcycle but don’t want to learn how to maintain it. We think it’s tough and irritating to fix a motorcycle when it gives any trouble. On the other hand if we know how to maintain the motorcycle, it could be fun and last longer too. He relates this to life beautifully. A large part of the book is toward discussing and describing what defines ‘quality’. I started this book with a lot of excitement but it became too deep and too monotonous at times. Definitely not the first of the books to be read but a good read for someone who has interest in philosophy.

Be that somebody

They don’t need your sympathy. They don’t need your money. They even don’t need your help. All they want is somebody who believes in them. Somebody who is willing to understand them. All they look for is a kind of moral support. They want someone to push them. They have got the talent. They have got the will. They have got the stamina. They just lack a bit of confidence. A few words of motivation will fire them up. A pat on their back is all they want to soar to the sky. Be that somebody.

Self appreciation

When success eludes us we desperately look for endorsement and acknowledgment. We engage in self appreciation. We go to any extent to prove our worth. All of it makes little sense. Nobody cares who we are and who we become. But we know it only when we hit some kind of success or achieve some depth. Then we start playing it subtle. We try to shun the attention. We look for privacy. We look for peace. The problem is; the second part always comes after the first. If you are lucky and wise enough, you can skip the first part.

Fulfil your obligations

Words are the biggest contract, not agreements. If proof is needed, the relationship is over. You will face situations for sure where some people will go back on their words. It will cause you losses and it will disturb you. Mostly, it will hurt that the person you believed did not stand upto his commitment. Still, you must move on. Still, you must continue to trust people. A few bad apples can’t take away the goodness of the fruit. Let your words stand the test of trial. When you have to fulfil your obligations, don’t refer the writings; remember your words.

Journey was worthwhile

They said; be like your dad, be like your mom. And he became. And she became. He did well. She also made a name for herself. Their parents were also proud of them. Neighbours and relatives also gave their examples to their own kids. Things were going good. In the midst of all this, there was something missing in his life. Even she was not sure if her journey was worthwhile. Everyone told them what they should do and what they should become. Nobody ever asked them – what they wanted out of their own life.