At a doctors clinic, the front office lady greeted him the moment he came in. Made him comfortable and told him that the doctor will see him in a moment. He felt nice. He was apprehensive and fearful before he came but now he looked more composed. They struck a conversation. The lady said, she lives with her in laws. Her husband passed away an year ago. she wakes up at 5 each day, completes her daily chores, sends her daughter to school, gets ready, travels an hour to reach her workplace, takes care of patients comfort the whole day, reaches home back at 8pm. Plays with her daughter, prepares food, reads her favorite book and finally thank God for a peaceful day. He asked -‘don’t you feel life is unfair to you.’ She replied – ‘I used to think so but I decided I won’t allow people to pity me, nor will I pity myself. I realised, it is not what happens to us that matters but it is our choices how we respond and make a difference in people’s life which defines us. When patients come in despair and concerned, I give them hope and comfort. I find peace in this and I find happiness.’ He considered himself smart. He thought he knew the meaning of life. After listening to her he became a little wise.


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