If you ever wonder why life is so challenging, chances are that you are walking in the wrong direction. If you ever think why there are so many struggles in life every day, it may be because you don’t enjoy what you are doing. May be you are lacking clarity as to the purpose of life.

When we take a pause and think about our present life we mostly know if we are simply running around or walking in the direction of a definite purpose. The answer for most people is killing. Still, they are not able to change gears. Instead, they blame circumstances. Sometimes, they convince themselves that they are on the right track since it is difficult to accept the reality and takes courage to walk the chosen path.
The struggle exists till you find the purpose of life. Once you know where you belong, things will start falling in place. Yes, life is dynamic. Things change and so will the purpose. But once you walk in the direction of your calling in life, you will take fewer turns. Even those turns may be triggered by your previous purpose. With time, you will be able to see your vision with clarity.

Once we start the journey of our liking, once we know our larger objective in life, the struggle becomes entertainment. The challenge becomes an opportunity, the work becomes a playground.

Find the true purpose of your life. Embark on it. Nobody ever failed on it.


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