Life plays hide and seek with us. We can all see the challenges around our lives but many of us are unable to find the hidden strength we are blessed with. Rather than complaining about difficulties and obstacles, we should focus on identifying our capabilities and fight the odds. Those who do this become icons and source of inspiration for others. Getting inspired is good but what about inspiring others by changing your own life and becoming a role model for others. That should be the motive of life.

The power within us is a notch above the challenges we are faced with. However, the challenges are visible but the power we have is mostly invisible till we find it. Let the circumstances not overpower us. Observe your inner self and you will find your strength to overcome all the challenges life throws at you.

Remember, every life is blessed. Every life has the power to change the circumstances and march ahead. All you have to do is to find your strength which is hidden inside you.


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