Tried Final

There was a time when I would believe that successful people are no different than others but they just got lucky. I would think they were at the right place at the right time simply by chance. One reason of this belief was that I did not want to feel inferior to them in terms of efforts I did. It would hurt so much to feel this way.

Rather, I felt so much at ease and comfort when I called them lucky.
However, I became curious. I started digging deeper into their lives. It was not the way I thought. I could see that initially they all failed. But the striking similarity I found in the lives of successful people was that they never gave up. They tried harder. They failed again. They tried again. They bit the dust again. But they gave it a try once again. Finally, they soared.

I got the recipe of success. It’s not how many times I fall down. It’s all about how many times I get up again. It’s not about how many times I fail. What matters is did I try again.

Since the time I have known this, I never give up. I have fallen too many times but I make sure that I stand up again; knowing, I am closer to the goal I have set. Knowing, it will take one more try.


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