I always wanted more in life. Be it money or be it position. Be it success or be it respect. Be it friends or be it invitations. It seemed as if life is a competition and the one having more, wins. And I wanted to win.

I was on my way. I was focussed on my goal of having more, everything. I was hard working and smart. Sometimes, I would even go a little far to get it by means not right. It did not bother me as far as I was accomplishing my goal of having more.

My perseverance started paying off. I started having more. Then a little more. I was enjoying it. Then a little more and then a little more. It was all good till one day, when with excitement and pride came a different feeling. I started getting tired. The weight of ‘more’ started weighing upon on me. I did not like it anymore. Rather than feeling a high, I felt I have touched the lows of life. I felt, to preserve my accomplishments I bargained my freedom. To be able to buy things, I sold my time. To achieve success, I lost happiness.

It was a warning to me. I responded fast. I slowed the pace.
I realized, instead of ‘more in life’, I wanted ‘more of life’


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