I was always fascinated with rich people. There was something in them which attracted me. So much so that I promised myself that I will become rich one day.

I knew I had to work hard for this. And I did. Day in and day out, I left no stone unturned to achieve my dream. Finally, the day arrived when I reached the milestone I set myself. I was happy. However, my celebration and happiness were short lived as I saw another set of people who were a little ahead of me, a little richer than me. I stopped my celebration and started running again. I again levelled with them only to see some people ahead of me. It went on quite a few times over.

Finally, I realized. No matter how fast I run, no matter how far I run, there will still be people ahead of me. While I may run ahead most of them, my whole life would have passed in this pursuit, not having time to enjoy and celebrate what I have. I decided, it’s time to stop chasing. While I am still walking, I am not chasing anyone anymore. Rather, I am beginning to feel the abundance around me.

Some call it my weakness. Some call it my contentment. It troubled me initially but not anymore. I found what I wanted. I call it my freedom.

I don’t want to be rich anymore. I am wealthy already.


7 thoughts on “I don’t want to be rich anymore

  1. Life is a vicious cycle… there’s always someone better than you and you’re always better than someone else. Making that realization, like you did, is the key to freedom. Contentment is what I call it. 😊 enjoy the journey

  2. Life is a vicious cycle. There’s always someone better than you and you will always be better than someone else. This is one of the greatest discoveries one can make in life. It leads to contentment with who you are and where you are, which in turn gives you freedom to enjoy life. 🙂 keep enjoying you…

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