Life is a race. At least, that is what I was made to believe from early days. Ever since I could understand things, I saw everyone was running around. When I enquired what they were after, I was told they were looking for happiness. I also received several advices to start running so that I should not miss out on it. And I ran… in all direction.

I was not sure where would I find happiness but I ran. I increased my speed so that I could I find it faster than others. In the process, I got stress. Still, I ran as I was convinced it was just a few steps ahead of me. Sometimes, I thought I found it. But the next moment it was gone again. And I ran again.

After years of running, I was still not able to catch hold of it. I got tired. Many others were still running. But I stopped. I looked back at my journey. I was aghast. What I saw behind broke me. There was happiness in every step I took but I did not stay there. I ran ahead of it. In search of happiness, I went so much ahead that I left a lot of it behind.

While, I can’t go back but I have a lot of journey left ahead. And I have promised myself to enjoy every step of it. Stay in it. Rejoice it. It came upon me that happiness is always in the present, not in the future.

I am a wise man now. I have understood; if I am not happy now, I can never be.


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