Since my early age, I was told to use time effectively. Be it family, friends, school or work place; the message was one and the same. Use time properly. I was convinced that time management is the key to success in life. As such, I read several books on time management and met some of the most successful people in business to understand how they used their time. Due to my constant endeavour, I became an excellent time manager. Every day I used it so well that I had none left.

The results were also astounding. I was able to get more things done, meet more people, clear more files, take more decisions and attend more parties. My weekends and other holidays were also planned to perfection much in advance. So much so, that reading a book or taking kids for an outing also used to be on my ‘to do list’. Clearly, I was a role model for others when it came to time management.

Suddenly, one day I realized. Am I controlling my time or time is controlling me. Am I a free man or a slave of time? I definitely did not like the answer I got from my inner self. I knew it’s time to change course. I knew, it’s time to take control of time.

While I worked as hard as before, I started to make free time for myself, time which was not planned at all. During such time I don’t want to be effective, I don’t want to achieve anything and I don’t want to have any agenda, objectives or commitments. I use it as I feel during the moment.

I am not a machine. I am human. I have found; leisure is the most effective use of time.


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