someone else

I was always motivated by successful people. People who changed the world. People who were the very best in what they did. Be it sports, be it politics, be it entertainment or be it social service. I was in so much awe of such people that I wanted to become like them. Copy them. Imitate them. I even tried. I thought there was no easy way then to follow the foot prints of such people and become like them. But I failed.

Each time I wanted to become someone else and I started walking in that direction, my heart revolted. I realized that my outer aspirations were not in sync with my inner beliefs. I noticed that it was giving me more stress than happiness to copy someone else. I started exploring myself. It came upon me that I was not willing to trade my originality with the name, fame and wealth which came along with the tag of being someone else.

While I continue to be inspired by a lot of lives even today, my biggest accomplishment has been the fact that I have decided to be myself.


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