Winning inside

I know everything. I am always right. Once I express my thoughts or views on a particular subject, I try to stick to it. I go all lengths to prove it right. I don’t like it when someone else objects to it, counters it or has a difference of opinion. I consider myself an expert on everything. After all, I am a wise man and I have already won so many arguments before.

However, I am witnessing a change lately. This habit of mine is starting to disturb me. There is nothing wrong in having a strong opinion about my conviction and this is not what concerns me. However, many a times, I know from the beginning that I am wrong and the other person’s view hold more water than mine. Still, I go on justify my views. Off late, defending my emotions and bias is making me guilty of my true self. Though I still might be winning, I am somewhere losing inside.

I consider it to be an awakening. I want to overcome this. I now try to be sensitive to the other person’s point of view. Now, I also try to understand others rather than always convince them. It’s not easy; to give the other person a chance that he might be right over me. But, winning outside and losing inside is not something I am prepared for.


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