Decision Making

Most of us find decision making challenging. Is decision making difficult or is it the motives behind them which make them so? I guess, it is the conflict between what we want to achieve and we think is right which makes it difficult to arrive at decisions. When we are sure about our motives, making choices and taking decisions become surprisingly easy.

Decision making becomes a non event when they are taken on the basis of what is right and wrong. Although this may sound simple but life is more complicated than this. We are humans and mostly our objective is to get ahead of others rather than walking our own road or doing what we think is right. Deriving the maximum out of decision making puts a lot of pressure on us. Competition, success, money, social acceptance are all obstacles and impairs our ability to take decisions. End of the day we judge ourselves from the eyes of others and so we allow the outer world (invisibly) to participate in our decision making process. This alters our thinking process and makes a simple decision look challenging.

No matter how much effort and time we give to arrive at decisions, some of them will go right and some of them will go wrong any which ways. So, why not work on our motives and make it simple, clean and positive. It will make decision making fast and easy. Yes, some of the decisions taken this way will go wrong ( like any other way of taking decisions ), but at least you will have the satisfaction that you had the courage of doing what you thought to be right.

Motives are the foundation of decision making. If you got your motives right, chances are you will get the results right.


One thought on “Check your motive behind decision making

  1. Totally agree with you Brijesh .If Motives are right than decision making becomes simple and easy .Even if the decision goes wrong we have the satisfaction of doing what we thought was right and our subconscious mind enjoys peace and harmony .

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