One Single Thing

Mahatma Gandhi dedicated his life for India’s freedom. Stephen Hawking studied science all his life. Steve jobs lifelong passion was to create the best gadgets. That is why they all achieved so much. That is why they made their way to the history books. That is why they could change the world.

The key is to focus on one single thing. The challenge for all of us is not that we can’t be the best in what we do; the challenge is that we take so much time to choose what we want to do. We want to be good at many things which become the reason for many of us not being able to justify even one.

We fear what if it doesn’t work? What option will I have then? The need for definiteness, safety and security kills greatness. Success belongs to those who venture out in the world of uncertainty. Excellence is the forte of those who risk their entire life for one single thing.

Many a times we think this is not the right time to focus on one thing. Actually, it is. It takes humongous amount of time and effort to achieve something big and the earlier you start the better since you will have the advantage of time and energy.

When you walk down a road which leads to a definite place, you are mere following the past. When you go out to the unknown, it is then only you discover a new place, it only then you discover yourself, only then you become a leader.

So, the question really is – Are you willing to trade surety with uncertainly. If yes, go out; give yourself a chance to reach for excellence. Identify that one single thing which you are passionate about. Enrich your life and inspire the world.


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