Live like Kids. Live for Today.

They take instant decisions. They live for today…..issssshh… not today. They live for ‘now’. And they rarely regret it.

They know tomorrow never comes. I wish I could be a kid.

Even when they are ‘kind of” upset, it has got to be with something that happened recently. They never crib about their past, as elderly’s invariably do. Kids forget fast.

Kids live in day tight compartments. They do things spontaneously. They don’t maintain a diary and get frustrated for ‘what they could not do’. Instead, they are happy of what they achieved during the day – Happiness. 

Kids often do not care about too many choices. Give them two and they will pick one. When we give them an opportunity, they surprise us with their ability and capability.  They learn fast, coz, they don’t have the garbage adults have in their head. They observe, what we miss.


We often don’t allow kids to do what they want. And then we become adults and occupy our lives with so many fuss that we can’t do what we want.

I wish, I could be a kid again. I am trying each day. That’s the point…..Kids don’t try, they are natural….like Love. 

May we all have a Happy Kiddish Life.


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