What a match. The fight between the fittest (Djokovic) vs the best at clay ( Rafael Nadal ). It was the French Open Finals 2012. Rafael Won.

Djokovic & Rafael Nadal before the French Open Finals 2012

The four players who reached the Semis were – Djokovic ranked No.1 seed, Rafael ranked No.2 seed. Federer ranked 3 and David Ferrer ranked 6.  Amazing !! isn’t it.

No, it is not. Tennis is one game where you can find success to be synonymous with talent and hard work. So very often you will find that the top seeds make it to the Semis and even the Finals. So many times in the last decade or so it was Federer vs Rafael ( The top 2 seeds ) in a   grandslam finals. Is it pure luck ? In a world with over 6 billion people, why the top 2 players reach the finals again and again beating 6 top class players on their way.

It’s an awesome display of determination, stamina, commitment and passion. You can’t be lucky enough to reach the finals of a grandslam. You have got to have what it takes to reach the pinnacle.

So, whenever you are short of your target, remember : You have it but you just have to work a little harder.

We all have some sort of talent. Sometimes open, sometimes hidden. Showcase your talent to yourself. Showcase it to the world. Enjoy your life !!


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